Handgun Fundamentals For The New Shooter

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This book is perfect for the new shooter and Concealed Carry License holder. Tommy Sapp breaks down how to shoot like a pro and how to build a solid foundation that translates into accurate shooting skills under stress.



Get a head start on your concealed carry journey!

Handgun Fundamentals for the New Shooter is a step-by-step guide for handling and shooting a handgun. The techniques used in this book are also for the seasoned shooter who is looking to enhance their performance. This book provides photographs of the skills, as well as many drills that you can perform to master the art of handgun shooting.

Thousands of these books have been sold and Sapp has taught tens of thousands how to safely handle and operate a handgun.

Sapp is a 14 year law enforcement officer who spent 8 years on SWAT and two years as a SWAT Commander. Sapp oversaw hundreds of successful missions and has also trained law enforcement officers from around the country. Sapp’s specialty is training new shooters and concealed carriers.

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