Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws & Regulations 2023

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TOTALLY NEW AND REDESIGNED & PRINTED IN FULL COLOR!! Stay fully informed and current on the gun laws you need to know! Our attorneys have made MANY updates to Legal Heat’s 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws and Regulations for the new 2023 edition.

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The gun laws you can’t afford NOT to know now with NFA Laws for all 50 States!

Each state has its own page that contains the following essential information:

  • Ratings: Each state has been rated based on its friendliness towards firearms and their owners.
  • Prohibited Areas: A list of all of the prohibited areas for firearms for each state. This section is essential knowledge for all concealed firearm permit holders.
  • Reciprocity: A list of all the concealed firearm permits that each state currently recognizes.
  • Self Defense and Firearm Laws: Statutory references for additional research.
  • Special Notes: Any special notes that you might need to know about each state.

In addition to all of the above, Legal Heat also contains sections dedicated to essential information, such as how to handle:

  • Airports
  • Police encounters
  • Purchasing/Selling a firearm
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property
  • National Parks and monuments
  • Transporting a firearm in your vehicle from state to state
  • BLM land
  • Indian reservations
  • Castle doctrines
  • May Issue vs. Shall Issue states
  • Contact information for all Attorney Generals
  • And much more

Legal Heat’s 2023: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws is an authoritative reference guide on concealed carry and transport laws with concise synopsis, including legal citations. Written and edited by attorneys and firearm instructors, the information is conveyed in plain English.

The 2023 Legal Heat 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws book is formatted to be easy to read cover to cover to get an overview of the various state and national gun laws, serving as a quick reference guide for your travels.

With over 20,000 gun laws nationwide for the CCW permit holder to contend with, the 2023 Legal Heat 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws belongs in every CCW permit holder’s library and glove box as a must-have reference guide.

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